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DC Split 18000 BTU

Direct Current Air‐Conditioner

  • Daytime and Night Time Operation
  • 18,000 BTU Nominal Capacity
  • Optimized for Solar Air Conditioning
  • Variable Speed BLDC Compressor
  • Uses Standard DeepCycle Golf Cart Batteries
  • All DC – No Inverter
  • Works with Standard PV Panels
  • Cooling and Heating Modes

100% DC ‐ No Inverter = No Energy Wasted

The DC18 solar air conditioner has been designed to make the best possible use of costly solar photovoltaic panels. The DC18 can use approximately 40% fewer solar panels than would be required by a standard AC‐powered  air conditioner of the same max capacity running off solar panels through an inverter. The system is perfect for residential, commercial, telecom, portable classrooms or offices, or remote facilities where conventional or generator power is costly and/or unreliable.

DC Split 18000 v.1 and Heat Pump

Max Cooling                                       18,000 BTU
Max Heating                                       20,500 BTU
Input Voltage                                     48 VDC (43.2 ‐ 56v)
Batteries                                             6 VDC (min 8) or 12 VDC (min 4)
Battery AH,                                         ea. 225 ‐ 395
Weight                                                165 lbs
Charge Weight                                  2.82 lbs
Refrigerant                                         R‐410a
Compressor                                      Brushless DC (BLDC) Rotary
Low Voltage Disconnect                  Yes

Indoor Unit:                                       Outdoor Unit:
* Height 31 cm                                    * Height 64.01 cm
* Width 87.13cm                                 * Width           98.00 cm
* Depth 23.12 cm                               * Depth 35.00 cm
* Air Flow 13,32m3/min
* Noise Level (dB) 52 (indoor)

* High‐SEER BLDC (Brushless DC) permanent magnet motor.
* No Inverter ‐ 100% DC operation
* Variable frequency drive 25hz ‐ 120hz (variable speed)
* Capacity dynamically sized 5,000 BTU‐18,000 BTU as needed.
* Solar powered air conditioning requires no AC power.
* Rotary Compressor provides high efficiency operation and slow start.
* Overnight operation available.
* Innovative control logic saves energy by matching cooling capacity to demand.
* Uses 4 standard 12v (or 8 6v) deep cycle solar Batteries (golf cart type).
* Batteries are configured in series/parallel for 48 volt operation.
* Uses 4 or more standard 200w solar panels.
* Quiet operation.
* Works with external standard solar charge controller.
* Solar panel and Batteries requirements will vary based on application and local sunlight conditions.
* Can be AC‐coupled if desired.
* Note ‐ v2 unit (summer 2010) ODU height = 106,68 cm

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