PROJEX Cellular Infrastructure


This business was established in 1999 and delivers full turnkey telecommunication infrastructure installations that include a complete range of towers and fencing, including all the site ancillaries. The Cellular Towers business unit has supplied numerous telecommunication towers to sites across the African continent and in 2012, Europe.

This business is able to manufacture three-legged lattice towers of up to 70 meters in height and four-legged lattice towers of up to 100 meters high, for both Base Transmittal Station (BTS) and backbone applications to client specifications.

The Cellular Towers business unit provides holistic logistic service solutions to its customers and prides itself in “going the extra mile” by delivering its products to the most remote regions. The technical capabilities of this operation are supported by highly qualified design engineers.

The pictures show a temporary solution that is simple to store, easy to transport, fast and simple to erect and dismantle.  This solution has also been designed to become a permanent tower for when the need arises.

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