Projex Cellular was established in 2006 and has developed into an international turnkey services company with offices in Africa, United Kingdom and Pakistan.  Projex Cellular employs over 200 permanent staff across all business disciplines.

Stong Experience

Projex Celluar has an experienced design, delivery and management team at all levels. The Projex Cellular team has experience of:

  • Designing bespoke and BAU radio solutions: temporary macro sites (rooftop, mobicell, custom plinth solutions), microwave transmission links, microcells, active DAS, passive DAS, repeaters and femtocells.
  • Delivering a large number of surveys and designs in a very limited period of time; over 250 TEF Special Events and Special Project site locations (feasibility surveys and reports, LOS surveys, system design documents and transmission link design and licensing.
  • Delivery of a number of very short notice, sensitive, corporate coverage solutions to TEF Special Projects.
  • Email, phone and personnel support structure in place to provide pre and post delivery technical support which includes 24/7 phone, logistics and on-site support.
  • 28,000 sq. ft warehouse in the UK which provides storage and logistics to operator Special Events and Special Projects.  Equipment pre-staging and distribution is managed (Mobicells, NSN radio equipment, E/// radio equipment, Huawei microwave equipment, antennas, steelwork and DAS materials).

Clients and Partners