Multi-Operator Equipment DAS MER

Multi-Operator DAS MER Products

ProjexCI have led and been involved in numerous specialist multi-operator in-building design and implementation projects as part of the London 2012 Olympics and for UK operators using both active and passive technology. These include Olympic venues / stadiums, Network Rail train stations, Premier League stadiums, also corporate and retail premises.

Providing in-depth analysis and expert advice to its customers across the following areas:

  • Business case study and recommendations
  • Multi-technology MER solutions.
  • Logistics and build analysis for MER establishment.
  • Independent hardware selection and recommendations.
  • Site surveys.
  • MSV reporting.
  • Full system design.
  • Structural design and approvals.
  • Power design.
  • Cooling design and supply. 
  • Installation, test, integration and maintenance.

Examples of Projex CI DAS MER Products