In-Building Coverage

 In-Building Coverage Services

Projex CI specialises in the Design, Aquisition, Build and Optimisation of In-Building coverage systems for all available radio technologies.

With dedicated in house teams we are able to provide customised coverage solutions for every size of building and venue. 

With externsive global experience of multi-operator and multi-technology deployments, Projex CI delivers the highest standards of in-building coverage and performance. 

Site Surveys & Design

  • Initial building surveys
  • RF Planning
  • Equipment Planning
  • Transmission Planning
  • Propagation Testing


  • Cable Installation
  • Antenna Installation
  • Radio Installation
  • Radio Commissioning
  • Transmission Installation
  • Transmission Commissioning 


  • Walk Testing
  • Call Testing
  • Data Throughput
  • Latency

Examples of Projex CI In-building Coverage Services