Field Services

Field Services

We offer a solution for cellular site establishment which includes multi-vendor technical integration services for both active and passive equipment, this includes all aspects of Acquisition, Design, Build, Integration and Optimisation. Our Portfolio is built around innovative offerings in application engineering and product development. 

Site Planning  

  • Site Design
  • Material Specification
  • Network Planning
  • Transmission Planning 

Site Acquisition

  • Candidate Identification
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Permits and Approvals

Site Installation  

  • Structure Erection
  • Power Connection
  • Access Works
  • Equipment Commissioning 

RBS / Core

  • Equipment Design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Integration 
  • Parameter Tuning
  • Monitoring and Maintenance


  • PIM / VSWR Testing
  • Walk Testing
  • Drive Testing
  • Network Performance 


  • FLM
  • PM 
  • SLA Based support
  • NOC 24/7 Support 

UAV/Drone Surveys 

  • Radio coverage panoramas
  • Line of Sight surveys
  • No-climb structural surveys

Examples of Projex CI Field Services