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Consulting services

Very often companies experience the need to engage out-advisors so as to work out their everyday (long-term) obligations or when special cases occur with which they meet for the first time. Projex CI has an experience in cooperation with companies from the field of telecommunications. Then the members of the Projex’s team of experts join to a company’s experts as their associates with the aim to solve the arisen problems and tasks. The Team of experts also has the experience that comes from giving consulting services and expert advices to companies which are not from the field of telecommunications. In that case Projex CI prepares a suggestion for coping with the problem on the whole.

Also, in the cases when individuals or an institution (either companies or governmental agencies) are not sure either in worthiness of existing analyses, or technical controls or data given them by the third party, the Projex examines the validity of  data or makes separate study in accordance with the requests and needs of the user.

First of all, Projex CI provides consulting services at the wider field of telecommunications. Particularly it can be underlined services in advisory consulting in the field of radio-signals propagation and wireless networks planning, as well as the realization of specialized DSP platforms.

One of the most frequent ways of cooperation in conducting the public procurements are expert consulting services done by the Projex’s team of experts, whereat the cooperation widens to the field of preparing documentation for an open competition, when the Projex’s experts works out the complete documentation in accordance with a customer’s technical requests. During working out the documentation for the open competition, the Projex’s experts define technical requests and the client’s needs through talks with the customer’s experts and recognizing their technical and business needs.

Projex CI provides services in project management and project revisions, including feasibility studies and techno-economic analysis on consulting basis. This includes coordination and production of different types of studies from the field of telecommunications (a technical-financial analysis, the feasibility studies of introducing new technologies and systems, studies on technical standards, vendor selection process etc.).

Finally, since Projex CI provides turn-key solutions, we are more than willing to provide complete service transferring the know-how to our clients.

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