PROJEX Cellular Infrastructure
Education Services

Projex CI organizes seminars/workshops/lectures on different topics from the field of telecommunications so as to expand general knowledge and/or specific knowledge of the users interest:

  • Seminars and lectures on the specific topics of the users interest.
  • Seminars and lectures on domestic and international conferences.
  • Presentation of the results of studies in connection with the specific topics of the users interest.

Projex CI, besides independently developed software tools, also use well known commercial radio-planning tools (GSM, UMTS, WiMAX, CDMA2000, microwave systems). The skill and experience in using the given tools is acquired both through special training at the software manufacturers facilities and through planning of numerous projects that have been completed in the course of several last years for the needs of different users. This expertise provides Projex CI with possibilities for providing customized trainings that are best fitted to our clients and with material and explanations that are based on real world problems and projects.

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