PROJEX Cellular Infrastructure

Projex CI

Since its establishment in 2006 ProjexCI has strived to deliver a high standard of quality in the industry always considering the customer’s budget and project timelines. Within a short span of time, ProjexCI a privately owned company, has positioned itself in the market as a preferred contractor in wireless and fiber installation and services.

ProjexCI has successfully established a reputation for being a reliable telecom contractor dedicated to providing a broad range of services from Network planning & Optimisation through to full Turnkey Site Establishment services and associated products. It is this reputation for expertise and reliability that makes us one of the leaders in our field. ProjexCI with a successful history, extensive experience and resources aims at serving other sectors like alternative ‘green power’ generation for the cellular industry.

Since 2010, Projex CI has been specialised in providing wireless and fiber installation and services in special events like music festivals and sport events (World Football Cup, Olympic Games)

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