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In-Building Solutions (IBS)

The majority of mobile calls, voice and data are made within buildings of varying structure type and height. The "old" principle ensuring that there was at least adequate cover within business premises is no longer satisfactory.  No longer is it only a concern of organisations, such as the emergency services, the "end-user" is now affected.  Due to the extreme rise in sales of smart devices (android, Iphone, tablets etc) and the requirements for data services, users expect that coverage is of a consistent quality, with adequate capacity.  The current situation in most of the World is that they are disappointed.

Factors that can significantly affect signal strength  are the building materials themselves, in particular the energy efficient, heavily insulated buildings which is now a requirement in a "green" and environmental society. In addition, interference from electronic equipment, conflicting signals from mulitiple macrocells and capacity limitations in high user density locations.  Introducing higher frequencies for new data rich applications and mixing all of this with user demands for video and data,  things can only get worse from a planning and MNO perspective. The MNO's now realise that in order to keep and attract new customers, the solution is now to provide better in-building coverage.

The ProjexCI team saw this reality and invested time, effort and capital to build up a team of in-building experts, the results of which can be demonstrated with real successes Internationally, particularly within the special events arena (World Cup SA 2010, Olympics UK 2012, Football stadiums UK.). ProjexCI is one of a handful of consultants around the World that not only has the theoretical experience, but real life deployment experienceresulting in knowledge almost unique to this team.

Detailed planning is essential, irrespective of the group of technologies selected, consideration need to be given to support multiple standards, and mixing fixed and wireless infrastructures. ProjexCI always ensure that in the design phase, we not only factor these variables in, but ensure that the management, maintenance and the "future-proofing" of the system (LTE compliant, multi operator ability etc) is considered. Once we have installed a system, we never want to return to put additional or new cabling in for example - do it once and do it correct!

By working with the client, producing an unambiguous definition of management roles will ensure clear lines of responsibilities if any issues should arise.

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