PROJEX Cellular Infrastructure
Planning of Telecommunications Systems

Some areas in which the ProjexCI team can offer its services and work are various and include the services in wireless systems planning including cellular technologies such as GSM, UMTS/HSxPA, and LTE.  In addition, the Projex team are involved with additional technologies such as digital broadcasting,DVB-T and DVB-T2 and functional systems like TETRA. These projects have included both coverage and interference analysis as well as capacity planning.

Projex CI have significant ramp up experience and can very quickly mobilize engineering, implementation and consultancy services. For the purposes of our clients’ projects, Projex CI has available experienced engineers both in-house and a list of experienced contractors that we have worked with in the past. All team structures and outputs are agreed with our clients before start of each project, based on Scope of the Work (SoW).

Projex CI has proved itself in numerous projects related to radio-planning, both macro and in-building services –from initial client’s requirements throughout to network planning,design, site survey, installation, commission and final acceptance. In addition, Projex CI produce all the necessary documentation following industrial standards and best practice. Following strict standards and procedures ensures that our clients’ networks are fully documented to allow easy 3rd party involvement and compliance with the applicable regulators.

ProjexCI radio-planning is performed using industry standard and up to date revision level.. In the case where an existing tool does not provide the full set of necessary features, ProjexCI have the capability to build in-house or to customize tool sets to meet the clients needs.

ProjexCI has been involved in network optimization including capacity optimization, GSM frequency planning, UMTS and HSxPA capacity and coverage planning. Automated network optimization tools are used to perform network optimization based on real network data (based on OSS information), radio-planning tools prediction results and drive test data etc., for GSM and UMTS/HSDPA networks.

ProjexCI is involved in state of the art systems, such as digital video broadcast planning, DVB-T2 and interference analysis between LTE and DVB systems. This involvement includes coverage analysis, service availability, radio-propagation models calibration and interference analysis. Projex CI also provides consulting services that will help you throughout the process of digital video broadcasting change over and implementation.

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