PROJEX Cellular Infrastructure
Software Development

Projex CI carries out the development of specific software tools in accordance with the users requests. A platform for development can be some of existing platforms on which Projex’s experts has already developed a certain software solution, or in some cases, a platform which is in accordance with the users requests and needs. Narrower field in which the software is used depends on the users needs and it goes from the development of functions developed in C/C++ (DSP code), Matlab program, to applicative solutions developed in .NET. The examples of working areas are the development of detectors and demodulators, projecting digital filters, production of radio simulation and planning tools and calibration of radio propagation models, projecting the procedure of procurement, the production of software for indoor radio planning and alike.

Projex CI, besides independently developed software tools, also use well known commercial radio-planning tools (GSM, UMTS, WiMAX, CDMA2000, microwave systems). The skill and experience in using the given tools is acquired both through special training at the software manufacturers facilities and through planning of numerous projects that have been completed in the course of several last years for the needs of different users.

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