PROJEX Cellular Infrastructure
Wireless Solutions

Projex CI, possesses worldwide experience and intellectual knowledge that can be used to enhance customer‘s own specific requirements.  Experience from previous projects: studies, planning, optimizing, implementation and consulting will be provided to our clients, according to the Scope of Work and intellectual property rights.

Projex Cellular Infrastructure is a referential system planning, engineering and consulting company in the field of telecoms and electronics. The work of our experts is highly appreciated, evidence of which are demonstrated in previous projects.  The Projex team has had numerous articles published in leading international scientific magazines and have presented lectures at international scientific symposiums.

Projex CI specialised in several fields including:

Projex CI invests time and capital in educating both its directors and staff in order to have the knowledge to pass onto its clients and into the projects.  By understanding the clients requirements and keeping abreast with the latest technologies, Projex always aim to deliver a solution that is not only economical but, whever possible, as future proof as possible in this age of technological advances.  In some instances, capital spent now can save huge investment in the future. 

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