Projex International

Projex International

Projex CI UK Limited and Projex Cellular Infrastructure Group offers consulting, radio network planning, optimisation and other value services to the telecommunications industry, providing a completely integrated service. Projex CI’s consulting services range from specific short-term assignments, task based solutions through to full scale risk-reward based long-term turnkey projects. Expertise for a wide range of technologies (including cellular, private mobile radio, wireless local loop and core network) are available.

Projex CI UK Limited, as a part of Projex Cellular Infrastructure Group has a worldwide presence, with headquarters in Greece, and offices in United Kingdom, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, Gabon, Uganda, Swaziland, Cote d’Ivoire, Caribbean and a network of partner organisations present in several other countries in Europe and Africa. ProjexCI’s customers include Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, MTN and other companies.

Projex Cellular Infrastructure Group has significant experience in all aspects of radio rollout projects, including nominal plan and potential site selection, desktop surveys and analysis, technical site surveys, site carrier wave tests and data analysis culminating in site design drawings for build. Projex Cellular Infrastructure Group has already worked on several Carrier class GSM/UMTS network deployments in South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda and several other countries.


Some of the projects and expertise that ProjexCI provides are:

  • Turn Key Network role out projects
  • RAN Planning and Optimisation
  • Transmission – Planning, Installation, Operations and Maintenance
  • Compression and Cross Connection equipment
  • Vendor and supplier liaison
  • Network services
  • Equipment supply

ProjexCI Group has invested in a European arm of the business which will enable further expansion into the United Kingdom and Europe. The new satellite office based in Bristol will form the hub for its direct operations across Europe.